Which size do I choose?

Contrary to what one may think, Yoni Egg size is not predicated by the size of the woman. As a general rule of thumb, women over the age of forty or those who have recently undergone the birth of a child may want to start with a larger egg.

Otherwise, medium Yoni Eggs are a great place to start. Smaller eggs are for more advanced practitioners who have more control over their Yoni’s muscles. Overall, we recommend starting with a variety set of three different sizes to experiment and see what your Yoni likes best or starting with a medium sized Nephrite Jade Egg.

Drilled or undrilled?

Yoni Eggs come either as drilled or undrilled. The hole in the drilled egg leaves room for a retrieval string or you can use it to attach weights as you gain strength.  The drilled Yoni Egg however is a little more difficult to clean.

Some beginners may be more comfortable with the idea of a retrieval string. When using a string, we recommend using unwaxed dental floss or fishing line as both are hygienic and easy to replace. When using the restroom, simply hold on to the string to make sure the egg doesn’t fall into the water if it exits while you’re relieving yourself.

Even when practicing with your drilled egg, try to simply push it out with your Yoni's muscles when you are done using it instead of using the retrieval string. This trains the muscles in your Yoni and helps you gain confidence when switching to undrilled eggs.

Try to refrain from using the string as much as possible for pulling your egg out. Your Yoni Egg is a sacred tool. If it stays inside you for longer than is expected it is doing its healing work. Listen to your body and your intuition.

Sometimes trusting the process and lessening your sense of control is exactly what will benefit you the most. With practice you will gain confidence and eventually be able to push the egg out by command.

Can my egg get stuck?

Yoni Eggs cannot get stuck. The Yoni has powerful side and back walls with the cervix serving has an ultimate stopping point. You may at some point feel that your egg is stuck however.

Tension and nervousness can cause the vaginal walls to inadvertently tighten and constrict so make sure to remain calm. Continue to breathe and relax, use the time for meditation, yoga, or journaling. When ready, get into the horse stance or sit on the edge of a chair or on a toilet. Gently push (the same as you would with a bowel movement) and be ready to catch your egg! Be careful to avoid pushing extraneously and try to avoid creating any discomfort.

If need be, you can use a clean finger to assist in retrieving the egg.

If the idea of using an undrilled egg makes you uncomfortable, we suggest starting with the drilled option with a retrieval string. With practice and a little confidence you’ll be ready to up your level of practice with an undrilled egg!

How to clean my Yoni Egg

First inspect your egg for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. The egg should be polished and smooth with no exterior cracks or abrasions. (The Rose Quartz Yoni Egg has internal cracks which are natural, safe, and characteristic of authentic Rose Quartz) If the egg is damaged, please send it back for a replacement.

Great care should be taken when cleansing your Yoni Egg. Because the egg and you are developing a relationship, it should be treated as an extension of yourself.

Always clean your Yoni Egg before and after use. This begins your relationship with it and will ensure that it is safe to use while ensuring you’re getting its maximum benefit.

To clean the stone, hold it under cool running water for thirty seconds or so while massaging the egg with your fingers and hands. Apply an organic unscented soap or diluted organic apple cider vinegar during the process.

You may also use a hard drinking alcohol (never use rubbing alcohol) to sterilize your egg. Simply douse a cloth with the alcohol and rub your Yoni Egg vigorously.

Make sure to rinse all of the cleaning agent off of your egg before placing it on a lint free cloth to air dry.

How do I energetically cleanse and charge my egg?

With frequent practice it is important to also energetically cleanse your egg. The crystalline structure of your Yoni Egg begins to pick up and store the vibrations of its environment and in today’s world, we are exposed to a myriad of different energies not all of them being positive.

The easiest way to energetically clean your Yoni Egg is by what’s called smudging. Simply burn White Sage or Palo Santo around your egg or bathe your egg in the smoke.

If you have crystal bowls at home you can place your Yoni Egg in the middle of the bowl and start resonating. The vibrations from the bowl will be picked up by the stone and its immediate environment forcing it to transmute or drop the impure energy it’s collected and be returned to its original pure state.

Charging the stone can be done by placing the stone in moonlight (giving it feminine lunar energy) and letting it sit for the night or placing it in sunlight (masculine solar energy) and leaving it sit for a max of 2 hours. The sun’s energy can be very intense and if left too long it can actually drain your Yoni Egg of energy.

Mantra, music, and prayer are also very effective for charging your egg. These methods, when directed towards the egg, begin to charge it with white light. You can call the energy with your intention, visualize yourself being full of light that’s been bestowed by the universe, and visualize it being channeled through you and into your egg.

Shortly after cleaning, clearing, and charging your Yoni Egg, set your intentions with the practice. Think of what you actually want from the stone. It can range anywhere from emotional, physical, and sexual healing, to manifesting new relationships or circumstances in your life.

Your Yoni Egg is your faithful servant. It helps to protect you by absorbing negative energy while facilitating growth, new life, and positive events.

How do I release my Yoni Egg?

Often times, your Yoni Egg will come out on its own accord after doing the healing work it was intended for.

If however you’d like to expedite the process, simply get into a squatted position and gently push with your Yoni in sync with your breath much like a bowel movement. Keep in mind, your egg may come out when urinating or having a bowel movement so be prepared to catch it.

How often can I wear my Yoni Egg?

The great thing about Yoni Eggs is that you don't have to do kegels to see benefits. You can experience the benefits of your egg just by wearing it!

Start slow initially, 20-40 minutes 3 times a week. You can wear your egg for up to 12 hours and can even sleep with it in, but make sure to take breaks to give your Yoni ample time to recover.

If you’re experiencing cramping simply cut back on length or frequency of sessions.

Always remember to listen to your body. With regular practice, you should also be diligent in cleaning your egg physically and energetically.

Who should NOT be using Yoni Eggs?

If you wear an IUD you should NOT be using Yoni Eggs--The Yoni Egg can bump and push up against the IUD causing complications ranging from inefficacy of the contraceptive device to micro tears in the walls of the uterus.

If you are pregnant you should NOT be using Yoni Eggs--There are many new, intense energies to be dealt with when pregnant. You do not want to disturb the uterus or stir things up unnecessarily potentially causing contractions or other complications. After the birthing process is over, consult with your doctor or midwife to know when it is safe to return to your Yoni Egg practice.

If you have a pelvic organ prolapse you should NOT be using Yoni Eggs.

If you have an internal infection of your Yoni or have sores or blisters present you should NOT be using Yoni Eggs until the symptoms have subsided.

It is also not recommended to do your Yoni Egg practice while menstruating. This is a time of releasing for your lady parts and should have a sacred time all of its own.

What is a Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs, sometimes referred to as or vagina eggs, are smooth, polished, semi-precious stones designed to be worn inside the vagina to preserve physical beauty, cultivate Chi or life force, and increase fertility and sexual pleasure.

The practice of using these stones as Yoni Eggs is estimated to have been around for millennia. Originally, the secrets of the Yoni Egg practice were restricted to the Royal Court of the Chinese Royal Palace, their concubines, and select Taoist practitioners, but today, many women the world over are beginning to discover this once protected and locked away secret.

What is a Yoni?

The term “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word meaning the divine place of birth, source, and origin, as represented by the vulva and female reproductive organs. It has been worshiped in ancient cultures as the creative component of the universe.

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