What is a Yoni egg?

Ancient Taoist Women Have Practiced With Yoni Eggs For Thousands Of Years

Women of the Chinese Royal Court have learned the secrets of the Jade Egg over thousands of years

Yoni Eggs are semiprecious, smooth stones designed to be worn inside the vagina and their benefits are many! This ancient and guarded practice was reserved for only a select few but today, women are beginning to discover this once locked away secret…

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Genuine Nephrite Jade Egg

Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs

  • Great for balancing and harmonizing the heart chakra
  • Increases the power of divination making dreams and visions more lucid and meaningful
  • Cleansing stone working to boost the adrenal system and benefit the purifying organs like the spleen and liver
  • The word “Nephrite” is Greek and literally means kidney. The Spanish called it “the stone of the loins”
  • The original stone of choice of Taoist practitioners


Rose quartz yoni egg

rose quartz yoni egg

  • Works with the heart chakra
  • Helps to remove obstacles to intimacy
  • Increases the power of connection to yourself, romantic partners, and the world around you
  • Emanates soft, loving vibrations to ease stress and heal psychological wounds
  • Aids in preserving beauty,
    elasticity, and overall health of the entire body, but especially the Yoni
  • Helps to create beautification of the world around you


Obsidian Yoni Egg

  • Works with the root chakra helping you to stay grounded and centered
  • Helps to communicate with subtle realms increasing the power of prophecy
  • Cleansing stone purifying negative energy and psychic smog
  • A stone of truth, it will help you get to the root of problems and give you tools to deal with them
  • Empowering and strengthening, it reminds you of your purpose and helps you to stay focused in intense times


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